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Meet the 2023 Participating
Student Organizations


American Society of
Civil Engineers


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Mission Statement

ASCE, ASME, EWB, and ITE are non-profit UTSA student organizations. Each of the student chapters hold their own fundraising events and the funds collected are used for the advancement and development of each organization’s respective vision. We have partnered up for this event to promote our causes on a broad scale and bring us closer to our goals. This event is an opportunity to unite the engineering community.


American Society of
Civil Engineers

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) chapter at UTSA has actively participated in many campus and regional events since 1989. ASCE at UTSA hosts bi-weekly meetings with civil engineering firms from San Antonio to help members connect with leaders in the civil engineering industry. In conjunction with these meetings, ASCE also hosts resume and interview workshops throughout the semester to help UTSA students develop professionally. Our strive for excellence leads us to take part in competitions such as Monster Mash Pumpkin Smash held annually at UTSA and the ASCE regional competitions of Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe. These regional contests encourage student members to work as a team by designing and constructing a finished product that will go on to compete against other universities in the nation. 

Cheyenne Gillis
ASCE Chair

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Since 1987, ASME at UTSA cultivates aspiring engineering students who take the initiative to focus on accountability, integrity, and excellence through skill training, professional engineering etiquette, and the pathway of seeking licenses and certifications to achieve formal experience for real-world problem solving through knowledge both inside and outside of the lecture hall. ASME at UTSA abides by national organization standards to uphold credibility and mentorship guidance for improving its teachings and by regional standards held by the ASME San Antonio chapter to follow and promote local events, conferences, and evaluations for future Roadrunner Engineers


Elijah Dendinger
ASME Chair


Engineers Without

Engineers without Borders is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to support community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects. Currently, EWB-UTSA has taken on their second major project in La Esperanza, Guatemala, this project deals with a water distribution system. The community has access to electricity and includes over 200 people, 29 of which are school children. The municipality (San Martín Jilotepeque) will be drilling a well where EWB will source the distribution system. Most of our funds will go to the project.   

Abhay Asokan
EWB President

Institue of Transportation Engineers

ITE is a Student Chapter aimed to promote the advancement of transportation and traffic engineering by fostering the close association of students with the transportation and traffic engineering profession and the Institute; to acquaint students with topics of interest in transportation and traffic engineering through the medium of competent speakers and of Chapter-sponsored trips; to foster the development of professional spirit, to promote common interests among students and to encourage the enhancement and optimization of facilities for transportation and traffic engineering study. The funds raised by this event will foster the upcoming Transportation engineers and help inform and equip our members with the proper Tools and opportunities to succeed as a future engineer.


Aralis Gonzalez
ITE President

Meet our Student Orgs!

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