Our Mission

Engineering students are challeged throughout their college careers to network through student chapter organizations, or other means, in order to achieve their career goals.


The Engineering BBQ Cook-off tradition serves to fortify the relationships between local engineering firms and students.  This annual event presents a great opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to network with professional engineers and potential employers in a fun and casual setting.  The connections created promote advancement in the engineering field and progress to the community.


The following student chapter organizations are collaborating to host this event and raise funds for various projects and materials:

Our Mission

Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE)


The Texas Society of Professional Engineers is an organization that aids in promoting and protecting the professional engineering license. As part of this effort, the TSPE student chapter provides study material for its members in preparation for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam; the first step in pursuing a professional license. TSPE will be using the funds raised for study material for its members, in addition to hosting monthly meetings with professional engineers as guest speakers.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


The American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter strives to provide their members with a social and interactive atmosphere. Members are given the opportunity to gain valuable learning experiences by competing in projects such as steel bridge and concrete canoe. These competitions allow students to integrate their classroom knowledge to technical application. The funds raised from this event will assist students to achieve goals set by competing in these events. 

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)


Engineers Without Borders helps develop sustainable community driven programs at an international and domestic level to assist communities in need.  EWB is currently implementing a potable water system for a rural community in Viña Vieja, Peru.  Students have the opportunity to apply their education and earn experience with project management and logistics.  These transformative experiences created by making a difference with less fortunate people make EWB students responsible and globally-aware leaders.  All efforts and funds collected are geared towards making EWB’s current, and future, projects a reality.

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)


The Institute of Transportation Engineers provides opportunities in networking, education and community service. Being involved with the UTSA ITE student chapter allows students to attend regional and national conferences, provide training courses for programs such as Microstation and Synchro, and compete in the annual Traffic Bowl competition. This fundraiser will help ITE make all this possible.

TSPE Meeting
ITE Adopt A Highway
ITE Civil Engagement
ASCE Competition
ITE E-Week
ITE Meeting
EWB Volunteer Fair
TSPE Meeting
ASCE Steel Bridge Team
ASCE Steel Bridge Competition
ASCE Steel Bridge Team